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Northern Counties Girls'

The aim of NCG is to provide opportunities for girls to raise their game after the Clubgolf stage by introducing more coaching opportunities at their local club and short 3/6/9 hole competitions at other clubs so that you can meet girls from all over the County.

Junior Fixtures

Throughout the season there are many oppertunites for girls to take part and compete in 18 and 9 hole events. Take a look at the Fixtures page for more info. 

Coaching Programme

We realise that many of you have just completed the ClubGolf coaching programme, or are currently in the middle of receiving coaching - take a look at the Girl's Coaching page and the Player Pathway to see what opportunities are available to you. So, now we want you to get out there on the course and enjoy playing whether it’s only 3, 6 or 9 holes by meeting up with other girls in clubs across Northern Counties who are doing exactly the same as you. 


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